The death of one beehive saved the property from fire

Dear brothers and sister,

hope you all doing well. 

Well, today one brother from church and I left to city of Derventa on our apiary to work with bees and to prepare them for winter time. Whole day was good and we did a lot of job and we were ready to go home. But I noticed that something strange is going on on apiary with one bee hive. When I stood there and looked on that beehive I noticed that other bees attacking that beehive (so colled bee robbery). I run there, took a smoker and spent more then 30 min by trying to stop those bees to kill that bee colony.

While I was doing that I heard strange sound. It was sunny day but some clouds came at that time and I thought taht I’m hearing rain drops. But then suddenly I saw big smoke and heard how fire is consuming dry grass and small trees. Brother who was with me ran to check if someone of the villagers may be making fire to burn the old grass but no one was there and fire get wild.

We immidiately called police and firemen. It tooked pretty long time until firemen came but when they did they put out the fire. Fire was just 20 meter far from our beehives and whole property and if we went home earlier as we thought, pall property would be burned.

But that bee robbery that happened and death of one hive kept us at the property so that we could see that fire.

Here are some pictures.

Please pray for us and for protections of our bees and property in Derventa.


Pastor Dario Kapin