Project no. 2

Even we still didn’t finished Project no. 1 (will explain in details here) we have to start with Project no. 2 since we have a lot of important things we need to do on the land (apiary).

When we talk about Project no. 1 we have collect 1.908 EUR / 2.174 USD (the goal was 5,000 EUR / 5.800 USD).

From this founds we have made: 1. concrete stabs for bee hives 2. concrete for warehouse 3. extended our bee colonies and planted some new plants 
What we need to do in order to finish this project is: 1. to build warehouse 2. to repair gate and 3. to put a fence behind apiary.

Now, when we come to Project no. 2 we need to raise about 2.500 EUR / 2.850 USD.

This project will includes:

1. bringing a city water on the land
2. making a septic tank
3. bringing water to the apiary and setting up water troughs

Please pray for this projects and if Gud puts on your heart to donate please let us know.