Project no. 1

Dear brothers and sisters, we are proud to present you a full 3D animation of the land we purchased for apiary (bees). This 3D animation is actually a conceptual design of what the land and apiary should look like at the very end (when everything is done). In order to reach the end goal, we need to go step by step. For this reason, we present to you:


Project no. 1 should be finished till the end of March 2020 or, latest, on beginning of April.

Project no. 1 contains building a object that you can see on pictures below and on videos (on bottom) – (Long version: 3:35 and 4:53, Short version: 0:44 and 1:26)
It is a warehouse that would be 4 meters wide and 7 meters long. It would house all empty hives (not currently used on apiary) as well as all beekeeping material. Also, one part of that warehouse would be separated and used for honey extracting.

Project no. 1 also contains the preparation of apiaries – pouring concrete slabs as substrates on which the hives will stand.

Project no. 1 also consists of the multiplication of bee colonies, as well as new planting of bee-friendly and honey-bee trees.

Project no. 1 also includes repairing the gate (Short version 0:05 and Long version 0:10) It will be of a slightly different shape.

Project no. 1 also includes the placement of a fence behind the apiary (next to the road and trees).

PRICE: In order that Project no. 1 could be done completely and in time, we need 5,000 EUR / 5.800 USD
             We have received all, so we have collected 5.000 EUR / 5.800 USD to finish this project.

DONATE: Now you can donate for Project no. 2 – go HERE.

Short version:

Long version: