Church history

The official opening date of our church in Zenica was March 17, 2004. The beginnings were difficult. We gathered at Pastor Dario and Sylvia’s apartment. Besides them, there were only two other believers. Throughout the year, we prayed that the Lord would open doors so that we could begin public work.
During those days, only a few people truly support our efforts.
Shortly thereafter, Pastor Dario met brother Andreas Kisslinger (Christian Media Production, Vienna). Thus began their collaboration on the broadcast of the Christian music program “One Cubed” on TV stations in BiH, Serbia and Montenegro.
Little by little, people start coming and giving their lives to Jesus.
In March 2005, Pastor Dario Kapin received a vision from the Lord to organize a Christian concert, along with brother Andreas. The event was called “Hope 06” and the concert is being held in May 2006.
In October of that year, when our community had only seven members, we planned to hold a praise and worship seminar with brother Andreas. Eighty people showed up!
Throughout 2006, we are occasionally visited by several “Youth with a Mission” groups. During these visits, their teams performed drama in the center of Zenica and witnessed about Jesus as the Savior of the world.
In early September, Christian rock group Fresh from Austria visits Zenica. Our church organized concerts for them in 5 cities in BiH. Through their music and lyrics, the Fresh band testified about their faith in Jesus Christ.
Around the same time, the church organized an evening of Jewish-Christian friendship event, the first such event ever organized in BiH. It was an act of publicly demonstrating our love for the nation from which our Messiah came. This cooperation with the Jewish community continued to this day.

At that time International Church from Jonkoping (Sweden) helped us so much and stood with us when almost there was no one around us.

All this time, from December 2005 to the present, we have been media active and presented in all relevant state and independent media, testifying about our faith.

The church has had its ups and downs concerning membership, but we never gave upe and will not. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an extremely traditional country and people have a hard time accepting the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately, there are no more than 400 newborn believers nationwide.