Renovating church space

As you know we as church still have no our own place and due to financial situation we can’t rent anything else (at the moment) but old pub.

Anyway, recently (during all this corona time) we have decided to renovate church space. We painted, bought some new curtains, flowers, TV and we installed WiFi in church. 

It really looks a fresh now and we hope that soon we will start with another church service (beside Sunday) on Wednesday or Thursday in evening time. Those additional meetings should be a skype meetings with those of you who would like to spend 30-40 min with us and preach the word to our people. We will also try to bring new people on those church services.

Also, in nearest future we would like to start Christian cinema in our church space by calling kids to look Christian cartoons and adults to watch Christian movies.

When we come to evangelism, we are still looking forward to rent big billboards 2-3 time per year and to call people on our events and church services.

Thanks for standing with us and supporting us. Bosnia and Herzegovina is still most unreached country in whole Europe with just 400 new born believers (population is 4 million people).