Zenica, church

There is not so many news  from our church but that doesn’t mean that good things are not happening.

Besiede that we don’t see breakthrough yet, we are daily praying and fasting (on Tuesdays) for new things to happen and to see open and clean heaven above Zenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We know that we do not fight against flash and blood but against principalities and powers of darknes and that’s why we know that this battle ain’t easy, but we are sure we will see victory and breakthrough.

So if you would like (some of you already did) join us in prayer and fasting for our country and our town so that Bosnia and Herzegovina will see salvation of Jesus Christ.

Also, on our daily prayer morning meetings we pray for all of you and if you would like, please update us with your needs so we can pray specifically for you.

We have some good reports from our church. Two of our brothers unfortunately didn’t lived a good life. Tehey had problems with alcohol and cigarets. And as we prayed every day on our morning church prayer meetings, I started to pray that God will disgust that kind of life to them.
Well, after a while one of them got heart attack and another had hugh problem with his eyes. First one went to hospital and as he came out he completely chaged his lifestyle (stoped with alcohol and cigarets) and another went on surgery and as he came back he completely stopped with drinkings.

God sometimes must intervene on hard ways to bring his children in a line of His Word but praise the Lord everything worked for their good.