One of most essential work of our church is fellowship with Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

On a very beginning of our work in Zenica, God gave to pastor Dario words from Genesis 12: 1-3. Knowing that Jesus said that “salvation comes from Jews” those words were so clear to pastor Dario and he knew that basic of his ministry in Zenica, as well as in whole country, will and should be based on blessing God’s promised/chosen people and to show them love we have towards them.

On September 27th 2006, we held in Zenica first ever Jewish-Christian fellowship event. Guests from Jewish community in Sarajevo were Moris Albahari, Eli Tauber and Rabin Eliezer Papo from Jerusalem (a man who is originally from Sarajevo but went to Israel and become Rabin). They were so touched by all those things we did and after that our relationship continued till today.

In a time when everyone just look on outward things (political) concerning Jews and Israel (even some Christians are doing the same), and in a time when it’s not popular to stand for them, we have to know why we do this. First of all it’s because God said that THEY ARE promised people, that MESSIAH came from THEM and that salvation is from THEM. 

And whosoever boldly bless them will be blessed by God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of Israel!