Apaiary, April 2024

Last 10 years, since 2014, we are working with bees and trying to make some good busines out of it in order to support us as family and people in our church.

Many years have been hard and there was many ups and downs. But since we bought land in city of Derventa we worked very hard to make everything good for bees so they can produce honey for us. We have planted a lot of trees and flowers and waited for years to see fruits. 

And this year started good even everything started to early. Bees brought honey but then we had in middle of that a snow. But God was good toward us and that bad weather didn’t made damage to bees and plants so now we are expecting to have some good and quality honey for us and for selling.

Also, we are working on that land as well and we are trying to make it nice so that you can enjoy when you come there.

Beside all of that we are working  with people of that town and every time we have opportunity to witness and talk about our faith in Jesus.

Hope to see you soon in Bosnia and on our apiary!