Update, March 2024

Dear brothers and sisters, our beloved co-workers and partners in Gospel of Jesus Christ,

I would like to start this update with 1. John 3:1. What a great thing to be called children of living God and to have His love.
Hop you all had great time for Easter and that while you celebrated His resurrection you experienced this amazing love that comes from Him.

We certanly did.


This last month (March) we had two main events. 
First we celebratet our church anniversary (20 years) on March 17th and after that resurrection of our Lord Jesus.
We are thankful to all who prayed for us and also sent your greetings. I have read it greetings to our church members and showed some videos that some of you have sent. Everyone was touched and blessed to know that we have friends who are thinking on us.

Plants from hard ground

Long time ago, while we were still serving in Serbia (I think it was year 1998 or even year or two eralier) I had a dream. I saw very hard ground, so hard and dry that nothing could grow from it. I prayed in that dream and I saw small drops of rain falling on ground and how the earth crack  and plants spring up from cracks. There was not many of them but they came out of that hard ground.
Yes, as we moved latter on to Bosnia we discovered how hard ground is this land. When you realize that in whole country we have less then 300 new bor believers you can understand what I’m talking about.
But recently some new people have started to attend our church meetings and I remembered that dream I had. And I gave thanks to God for those few we are seeing now because I know that nothing we do for His kingdom is in vain and in His time things will flourish,

Prayer morning meetings and fasting

As I have wrote many times before just to remind you that from Monday to Friday we have our morning prayer meetings (from 7 am in spring and summer time) and every morning we are praying for you. We have a list with your names and we are giving thanks to God for your life, your families, churche, ministries. Please be free to update us so we can pray for you more effectively.

Also, on Tuesdays we have day when we especially fast and pray for breakthrugh for our city and whole country. Thanks to all who are fasting and praying with us on Tuesdays.

Bees, projects and mission field

Bee season have started. We are going weekly to city of Derventa and work with bees and on that church land. We have planted a lot of new honey plants and now we are witing for them to grow and give fruits for bees.

We are still having some projects on that land. Some small projects were done in past years and now we would like, step by step, to go for main one – building objects that will serve for church in Derventa, for us to be able to sleep there (while we work with bees) and also for retreat and rest when some of you come to Bosnia.

This are two pictures from 3D animation and 2 videos (longer and shorter versions)

Our desire is to plant a church in that town and we already have great contacts so it is just metter of time when we will do that.

If anyone would like to participate in this projects, please let me know and I can give you more specific informations about it.

Reaching Zenica by helping animals

We are still (like family) very active in helping abandoned animals (dogs and cats) and God is opening doors for us to talk about our faith in Jesus to those people who are working in shelters, authorities and companies that donate food for animals. 
If we find any christian organization that works with animals and that’s ready to help this Zenica’s shelter we can have hugh impact as a church and we believe Gospel can be shared through whole country through media since they have a lot of interest in this subjets.

Pray for us

On the end, I just want to thank all of you who are holding us in your prayers and to you who are faitfully support us. You know our situation. I don’t need to remind you again and again, but I will kindly ask you to continue to pray for us and if you find any door opened for any kind of support it will mean so much for us in this situation we are right now.

God bless you all in jesus name!

pastor Dario Kapin