Update July 2022

Dear friends and partnes in Gospel of Jesus Christ,

sorry for gap between last update and this one but time in between have been so busy for us.

First of all I want to say thanks for all your prayers and blessings you sent to our younger daughter Debora and our son in law Danijel. They had great wedding on May 28th and it was such blessed time for everyone. Pastor Mario Dučić from Zagreb (Croatia) lead wedding ceremony and he spoke very clearly from the Word so that everyone who was present could hear.
After wedding God opened great doors for us to become more close with some people who show great respect of what we do here in Zenica and want to know more about our faith.
Please pray that those hearts will be open for Gospel.

Also, great thing is going on i Derventa. This year we finally got good amount of honey and had so much job to do on apiary. That’s why I was so busy and haven’t been able to write earlier. But even greater thing is that we made some very good contacts with beekeepers whit whom we talked about faith in Jesus. Seems that God is easily opening good doors for us in that city and please continue to pray taht we will have His favor when we meet people there.

Now, in a month of July, we will have some guest in our church from US, pastor Steve Mickel with family and pastor Marc Shaw, who will serve in our church. Also, we will continue to preach Gospel to people of Zenica and Derventa and we believe that they will respond and give their hearts to Jesus. 

Please, continue to pray for us and our country. In this unstable days in the world, our country also goes through many political and national problems. People are so divided (nationally, ethnically, religiously) and this become so visible as elections are coming closer.
Also, churches in Bosnia and Herzegovina are still very small there is no spiritual growth (out of talk with several pastors). We need your prayers too in order to brake this strongholds that keep our people from salvation.

Finally, once again thanks for standing with us, loving us, praying for us and supporting us. It means so much for us and because of you (and of course mostly because of God’s favor) we are able to do this what we do.

Peace, grace, love and blessings

Pastor Dario Kapin