Update March 2022

Dear brothers and sister, our partners in Gospel of Jesus Christ,


hope all of you are doing well in this weird days we live in.
Finally corona virus have almost gone away but as you know we have now war in Ukraine that on one or the other way have influence on every country. So it have on us in Bosnia and Herzegovina too. Mostly it is economically but also politically since this year we should have state elections and many are (ab)using this current situation for their political points but also to threat us with possible war escalations which remind us on bloody war we have in ’90.

But we know that Jesus is in control of everything in spite what will happen and as Bible says days will be harder and harder, but may our faith grow stronger and stronger.

Church in Zenica is doing good. As I mentioned in my previous update we have from time to time some new people who are coming on our church meetings and we hope they will sooner and latter give they lives to Jesus. Please continue to pray for us to be led by the Holy Spirit so we can find the best way how to evangelize our city.


Winter was long this year and we just recently started to work with bees and plants/trees as temperature get higher. We are giving our best to finish some projects that you already sent funds for that. Hope that will be done till the end of April so we can move forward with building other things on that land.

Debora’s wedding

As you know our younger daughter will get married in the end of May. Please pray for her and Daniel and for all things we need to do to prepare for wedding.


Our older daughter finished university last year. Now she is looking to get some good job so please have her in your prayers that she can find good one.


Once again, thanks a lot for your love toward us, for your prayers and supports. Your faithfulness is great and we are so grateful.

Love, grace, peace and blessings

Dario & Silvija Kapin