Update from Zenica and Derventa

Dear friends and partners in Gospel of Jesus Christ,


Hope you all are doing well and healthy and that’s our main prayer for you. Also, I hope all is well with your ministry as we all facing hard and strange days.

We are doing very well. We are all healthy, praise the Lord, and we are doing everything to spread God’s kingdom in Zenica and Derventa, as well as everywhere we go. 

As you know (last time we update you) we helped two schools in Derventa with 2 TV’s and now with a help from same Christian organization from UK (Transform Europe Now) we will be able to help 10 (or more) poor families and individuals with food, medicaments and things they need during a winter time.

Also, we will continue with (at least) one more big billboard outreach till the end of this year. Our bellowed friend Marc Show decided to help us with that. If any of you would like to invest in this kind of outreach in Zenica, please let us know. One billboard cost 200 EUR for 30 days.

Last week we had a couple from Seattle (Josh and Hailey Wood) who are going to be missionaries either with us in Zenica or in one other country. Please pray that God will speak them clearly where to go.


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Also we continued with work on the land and apiary. A lot of things have been done (fence behind hives, water shaft, septic tank, cleaning land and preparing for new projects of building church and hous etc.). Still we have to finish in November covering for hives, gluing ceramic tiles in the honey jug part, gate for apiary etc. With out your help all of this, what we have done and will do, wouldn’t be possible. 


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On the end, THANK YOU ALL!!! It is hard to imagine all of this to be done without help from all of you. Some of your support is used for church facility, some for apiary and the land, some for outreaches, some for our personal support, some for helping others (non church members). All of this couldn’t be done by one person/church so you all are important puzzle in making a change for Jesus in Bosna and Herzegovina.
Our church, my family and I can’t explain how much we are grateful for all that you have done, you are doing and you will do for us. 

May God richly bless you, your families, your churches, your ministries.

Grace, love, peace and blessings,

Pastor Dario Kapin
Biblijska protestantska crkva/Biblical Protestant Church
Abdulaziza Aska Borica 1
72000 Zenica
Bosnia and Herzegovina