Short update (January 2024)

Dear brothers and sisters, partners in Gospel of Jesus Christ,


I just want to shortly update you since we have some good news.

First of all we had great Christmas time and during that we had great church service with 3 new people who decided to come regularly to church (2 adults and 1 teen boy). We finally see some fruits after years of planting seed (Word of God).

Christmas service in Zenica

We also had a great time with Jewish kids in Sarajevo when we gave them Christmas packages. This was our ministry that we have done 20 years now and we are so blessed to serve people from whom our Messiah has come.

Gifts for Jewish kids in Sarajevo – Christmas 2023

Finally, as I wrote you recently, I had chance as pastor to be a guest on N1 TV station (branch of CNN) and to talk about not just dogs but also about how God gave us opportunity to take car about animals and that opened a great door for me to continue coopertaion with that TV station but also opened a big doors in people’s lives who saw me and met me later on and now I have one new way how to reach people in our community. You can see artical with video below.

Spašavanje i udomljavanje – Svaki pas treba svoj dom

Once agin, thanks for all you are doing for us and this ministry of Biblical protestant church. Please continue to pray that we will be able to reach more people in Zenica but also in Derventa where we are doing our bee ministry and to plant church there.
Also, don’t forget to pray for our personal support since we face some difficult times. God always had and will have plan and we want to thank all of you for your prayers, love and generosity.

Peace, grace, love and blessings

pastor Dario