New church facility – Opening days

Dear brothers and sisters,

last weekend from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd we had opening and dedication days of our new church facility.

We were so blessed to have some new people on our services – some of them were priests from Catholic and Orthodox church, some from this town and some were our personal friends.

On the first day I was guest on Zenica TV station where I spoke about 20 min. and you can see it on video below from 3:40 (unfortunately there is no translation on English).


After that we had evening meetings and our guests were above mentioned priests and our brothers and sisters from Foursquare churches in US (Jeff, Marc and Kathy) and Austria (Peter).

Second day we had morning service and after it we all had great fellowship and together lunch.
Evening meeting was dedicated to our relathionship we have with Jewish people and we had great meeting with some Jewish songs. After it we had great celebration for my birthday.

On Sunday we had with us pastor Mario from CCE church in Croatia. He and brother Jeff shared great message from the Word of God and we end it all with Lord supper.
All tree days we have enjoyed great fellowship and time in Word of God.

Once again thanks to all who participated in raising funds for purshase and renovation of this church facility.


Pastor Dario and Silvija Kapin