Short update

Dear brothers and sisters,
blessings to all of you in mighty Jesus name!
I just want shortly to update you from Zenica and Derventa.
– First of all we want to say that we are grateful for prayers and help you did for Admir and his daughter Amila as she received her wheelchair and anatomical seat insert. Admir (father) is sending big greetings and thanks for your help.
– Our billboard outreach is almost ready!!! In next max. 10 days (if something doesn’t change in dates) our billboard will be on one very visible place where many people will be able to see it. Please pray for people of our town to be touched by message on that billboard.
– On Saturday I will go to Derventa. As the Lord has open great connection with people from city government, they have been invited me (city mayor and president of city assembly) to come on celebration of city birthday. I will be meeting different people from city government and please pray for favor so I can boldly speak about our faith.
– Work with bees continue in spite of bad season (weather have been very bad – extremely hot). Now temperature dropped down so we will be able to finish shelters for bee hives in September as well as some other things from Project 2 and Middle project 1. Also, Middle project 2 is close to be done. We got city water and road is half way done (pictures below).
Grace, peace, love and blessings
Pastor Dario Kapin
Biblijska protestantska crkva/Biblical Protestant Church
Abdulaziza Aska Borica 1
72000 Zenica
Bosnia and Herzegovina