Praise reports

Dear brothers and sisters,

we are glad that we can share with you several praise reports.

First of all, you all know that we have wrote to you about hard spiritual situation in Zenica and whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lot of hard traditional things among Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics are bounding people to really surrender their lives to Jesus. We have prayed a lot for God’s wisdom how to reach people and we know you have prayed for us too.
And then, on last Saturday, I have been received a phone call from a person I never met. On other side was Kenan Penjic,  a professional boxer who beside boxing serves in Bosnian army. We met and had a short talk. His question was if we can on any way to sponsor him in his boxing matches and in return he would put name of our church on his sponsor’s T-shirt. Some of his appearance was on some very famous TV stations. We took a time to pray for this and we felt that this is opportunity for Gospel to go forward. We decided to give him some small donations and we talked with him on Tuesday and told him that we do this because we know that Jesus loves him and we want to be a blessing to him. He promised that name of our church will be on his T-shirt with other sponsors and he will come to our church to get to know us better and make picture with us.
Please, pray for Kenan so that Word of God can touch his heart and that Holy Spirit can lead him to Jesus. Also, if you feel in your heart to may be help us sponsor him more, please let us know. This can be great tool for sharing Gospel world wide.

Second praise report is about our “Middle project”. You know that we decided to cover our beehives (some kind of shelters) so that moisture will not damage our bees. Some of you have respond very quickly and we already got funds for all 11 blocks to cover (770 EUR/940 USD). Thanks so much for quick response. 

Third praise report is about “Middle project 2”.  
Actually, beside church in US, one Christian organization from England responded to our project to cover bees. Since we already got funds for “Middle project”, we have asked them if they would be willing to redirect funds for “Middle project 2”. That project includes to repair 300 meter of road that leads to our apiary and to bring city water (water that could be used for humans (drinking) and making syrups for bees). That project will cost us 1.500 EUR/1.830 USD and we already have 770 EUR/940 USD.
So if you would like to help us to collect the rest of those funds, please visit our page for GIVING where you can find all info how to send us your precious gifts.

God bless you for your love and all your sacrifices in Jesus name!