Visiting city mayor in Derventa

Dear brothers and sisters,
in my last update I wrote that we will go to visit city mayor of Derventa (place where we have our apiary). We met him on Thursday and had great talk for about 2 hours.
Great thing was that we had time to speak about our faith in Jesus and city mayor like it. He promised to visit us on the land and he wants to have fellowship with us.
On of the most important thing is that he is open for giving Christmas packages to kids in this town. Actually, that will be first time for kids from that town to receive Christmas packages from Samaritan purse.
Also, he said that he will do his best to help us as church there in that town. May be some of his help will also be financial but mostly he will back us up in our work there.
On the end he gave us some small presents and his office made a picture and promised they will put it in a local newspaper.
Thanks for your prayers.
Love, grace, peace and blessings